Furies: Stories of the wicked, wild and untamed - feminist tales from 15 bestselling, award-winning authors

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Furies: Stories of the wicked, wild and untamed - feminist tales from 15 bestselling, award-winning authors

Furies: Stories of the wicked, wild and untamed - feminist tales from 15 bestselling, award-winning authors

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Includes history leading to and during the Partition only, with the exception of a brief chapter on the legacy In the second and titular story, Charlie is hired by a woman who is trying to recover some items stolen from her, items that had once belonged to her dead daughter. The thieves are staying at The Braycott Hotel, a hotel noted mainly for its discretion. As a result, no children are allowed so why, suddenly, are patrons complaining that their sleep is being disturbed by the laughter of a child in the hall late at night?

But to sum things up: Atmospheric. Loaded with great, unique, individual characters. Lots of introspection on Charlie's part, but he's clever and smart, so it never gets dull. Wonderful Maine settings with the water, marshes, woods, etc. This would make a great Halloween-time read, sorry I saved it for after the holiday, but there's always next year. :D Having said that it has been written very very well. This was my n-th book on India's independence movement / partition and yet came to know a no. of new facts/events. Also, it was largely unbiased ; or maybe there were biases but they were not forced opinions or distortions of facts as Indian "liberals" do. And the author has successfully built character portraits of Jinnah and Nehru in their full glory :) And Patel hasnt been spared too. As an Indian used to reading an evil portrait of Pakistan/Muslims during partition/riots, I was surprised. Charlie gets involved in two separate issues here, ones he needs help with from his pals Louis, the big guy who's maybe done a lot bad stuff but is square and loyal to Charlie, and Angel, Louis' life partner, who was supposedly dying of cancer but now is in remission. The Fulci brothers are also present and anyone who reads this series KNOWS who they are.


The book covers the time period from mid-1946 to the beginning of 1949. The world was slowly recovering from the scars of the Second World War even as it was getting ready for Colder version of a global conflict. India was still under the control of the empire in which The Sun Never Sets. Realisation was slowly sinking in that the twilight of the evening sun was somewhere near the horizon. The world war had ravaged the economy of Britain and prudence suggested that granting independence and severing ties with India, the "Jewel in the Crown of the empire" would be the way out.

VIRAGO ~ CN Lester a fascinating approach to the topic of trans histories and gendered identity in history and the patriarchal confines of medical pathologies in history. This is a very difficult book to read because of the descriptions of violence. However, it's important to the understanding of what happened and what is still happening today. Before reading the book, I knew little about the division of India, now I can see how stressful it was. The author points out that much of the violence in the Middle East today had it's roots in that time. Pakistan feared India and as a result gave asylum to the Taliban and other extremist groups. Kā jau stāstu krājumā ar dažādām autorēm - daži stāsti man patika ļoti, daži - nu tā un daži - īsti nepatika. Tā kā autoru un stāstu daudz un negribu kaukultēt, kopējais iespaids, ka vispār jā, patika, bet sajūsmā neesmu. Tas ir laikam 4.

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It was like a film, she would later tell me, with everyone holding their breath as they wondered to whom she might point the finger of blame there had been a dance the night before in Skull and they’d come home mouldy with the drink, sleeping only a few hours before being roused by their father for Mass. The upside of course, is that narrative history is often far more readable, and the book performs on this front spectacularly. It reads like an action novel, and I could not put it down.

Kashmir is particularly complex. This might just be me, but I've always found it hard to find facts around what the issue is. My gripe with Indian literature is that we don't have too many respected historians writing about recent events - leading to everyone getting their version of Reality. I like how Hajari goes through the entire story, and calls out specific points where the Indian and Pakistani versions vary. Exceptionally helpful to serve as a starting point to understand Kashmir better. Must read more.If India wants her bloodbath, she shall have it!" Mahatma Gandhi to Archibald Wavell, 27th Aug, 1946

What makes A Whisper of Wings such an influential and remarkable work of fiction is the way Kidd is capable of expressing the grandeur and poise of the heavenly beings with her poetic and provocative writing. Meanwhile, Melissa Thombs is in an abusive relationship that she is trying to get out of with Parker’s assistance. However, he will learn that she is far from a victim, and her own aggression and determination will be more invaluable than any help he could provide her.Furies is a short story collection pulled together to celebrate 50 years of Virago as a feminist publishing house. It draws together a collection of feminist writers who offer varied stories that are all themed around words (often negative words) used to describe women: Growing up in the second generation of free India, most of my knowledge about the partition and the last days of British Raj is mired with sensational patriotism and holier-than-thou emotions. The concept of Unity in Diversity is ingrained in young minds as soon as children understand the concept of a nation. The blatant discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, skin color, etc., and the violence that comes along, is always swept under the rug as an exception rather than a significant part of our history. The sacrifices by the martyrs of the freedom struggle are woven in beautiful prose and poetry, and glorified to the limits of truth and beyond, in movies and songs. But the senseless crimes of murders, rapes, and arson are left to the likes of the barbaric British rulers and Pakistani militants. The virtues of the peace loving nature of Hindus, Sikhs, and other major Indian religions are extolled by raising a few quotes from the Mahatma, instead of being questioned with cynicism on the basis of facts from Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gujarat, etc. There was no regional homogeneity of the various religious and ethnic groups; large minorities lived side by side with majorities

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