Bedtime Spankings: Bent Over!

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Bedtime Spankings: Bent Over!

Bedtime Spankings: Bent Over!

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I figured out the hard way: I am less effective as a teacher-either during practicums and especially student teaching or in my current after-school care job- if I don't get enough sleep or I don't have coffee. Another method would work just as well, but that doesn’t mean we should switch partway through to see if it will. I love you," said Sammy's mother whispering softly once more before turning out all lights except for a single nightlight left burning low against walls previously bathed in darkness until then while providing just enough illumination now still so that both mother and child could find their way safely back through room should either need during night still despite precautions taken otherwise beforehand - precautions taken now out of habit more than anything else perhaps but routines nonetheless offering small comfort during times when nothing else seemed enough. Early bedtime is sometimes given as an additional punishment to a spanking or other form of punishment.

They will be taught a lesson and will be left knowing the consequences of being bent over before bedtime. I look forward to his bedtime because I'm tired myself at that point and I end up snapping; last night DH actually gave him a spanking on the fourth time, after warning him that he'll get it if he comes back out. When you act frustrated, resort to yelling, threats or spanking, even though it’s negative attention it’s still attention, and he inherently feels like he’s gained some ground.We haven't changed our bedtime routine, but now once he's in bed he's started getting up and popping back out - I need to go potty (when he just went), mommy cover me, I need a drink, or starts asking questions like 'how do I sleep? In my experience, I’ve found that anything can "work" if you stick with it and refuse to give up or move onto something else. You can get advice on potty training, talk about breastfeeding, discuss how to get your baby to sleep or ask if that one weird thing your kid does is normal. We’ve been sticking to this method for nearly a week now and some nights are slightly better, but our three year old is pretty stubborn.

I really hope you asked this just to have a discussion or something and not bc you want to spank your LO for not sleeping.Oh I remember when I had to spank my brother Lucas for spilling chocolate milk on me while I was asleep and let me tell you, I spanked him enough to where he slept on his stomach the rest of the night. We are the (formerly) very tired parents of an incredible 4 year old daughter who slept like a dream until just after her 3rd birthday when she changed daycare. Thirty girls tell all in delicious accounts of how they were put to bed with their bottoms reddened. We first started laying in the bed with her, but that isn’t what we want to do with her and we don’t want her to sleep in our bed.

We tried taking away a privilege, like going to the pool or having ice cream the next day, warning him it'll happen if he keeps getting out of bed, but it didn't seem to faze him either. Me and my brothers used to get bedtime spankings for talking in bed and playing during school nights always remember the warning I have to come in there you're going to get a spanking sometimes one of us as carry on and dad or mom would come in and spank.

These are bedtime spankings, told in the words of the girls who received them, all of whom were spanked to tears before they went to bed. I’ve found that we can use room sharing to our benefit by including a little flair of competition and/or teamwork mixed in, too! Put him in bed, read a story or something, then tell him good night, turn off the light, and leave the room. And you and your husband need to be on the same page about this and do the same things when going through this phase. She figured she’d get aroused from being spanked regardless — she had the last couple of times Charlie had spanked her — but the plug just made it more intense as it shifted and jumped with each swat.

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