A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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Before they know it, they are entangled in that want, and Nyktos gives in to her request–they are only momentarily interrupted by Nektas. You can also check out my reviews for From Blood and Ash, A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, The Crown of Gilded Bonesand The War of Two Queens. Kolis wants to be the one who is that Primal, and Sera laughs saying that he deserves his death which is what it sounds like from the Prophecy.

Their romance also has this doomed and tragic quality to it that makes it more gripping and intense, and I have to say that while I love Cas, I feel that Nyktos has more personality and individuality. Sera cannot afford to fall for the tortured Primal, not when a life no longer bound to a destiny she never wanted is more attainable than ever. He tells her to go ahead and do it, but to cut him deep to the spine and run super fast because he will not be down for very long. She taunts him by saying that she’ll find someone else to distract, and make her way to the door to exit, but he catches her, and tells her that as long as she’s his Consort she will be very selective in how she spends her time with others, and that she will take care of her own sexual needs or resist those desires. They go off to her lake for her death and this is the moment he realises he loves her and has possibly loved her for a long time.She does speak her mind with her own threat when Attes refers to her as an accessory, but then he asks Nyktos if Veses has seen her, to which Nyktos responds no.

I think the Flesh and Fire Books are as great as the Blood and Ash Books and I can’t wait to read where those two stories will lead us (I think there’ll be a big showdown between Poppy, Sera, Casteel and Nyktos against Kolis). But when Sera finds out that Kolis got upset in less than a day that Nyktos didn’t respond to his summons, she urges them to go to see Kolis first. She is published with Tor, HarperCollins Avon and William Morrow, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen.

Nyktos tells her that she is important to the shadowlands, and that the embers that she carries are far too important, and he values them. I will say that roughly the second half of this book is more chaotic and things are just constantly happening – things are revealed and I loved every minute of it. She ends up reading, but then decides to drink wine and eventually pleasures herself, though she feels Nyktos’ presence in the shadows and hears his voice commanding her as she daydreams about what he would do to her while they are in bed together, before falling asleep. Ultimately, Nektas points out that it would have had to be a Primal that was behind the attack, as no other could command a draken to attack, while wondering who would be willing to anger both Nyktos and Kolis by allowing Sera to die. The two of them step out into the chaos of the fight, after Orphine agrees to protect Sera, and they continue fighting against the draken.

And as Sera begins to realize that she wants to be more than a Consort in name only, the danger surrounding them intensifies.That’s when Nyktos realizes her plan, and when the shock hits him from what she was going to do, she uses that as her opportunity to get free of his grip. It's revealed that Sera cannot have the embers removed from her since the object that allows that to happen is in the hands of Kolis and that is how he removed his brothers and switched places. She watches as Ash keeps trying to fight Dakkais and Cimmerian, and he tells her that she can either remove the charm and come with him to save the lives of the people in Lethe, or she can ensure that everyone dies but Ash.

He joins the fray, killing gods easily, and Nyktos points out that Sera has been hurt, noting that he’s not sure he would be able to stop drinking her blood. Sera and Saion talk and he asks her about her attempt to escape to kill Kolis, but she doesn’t reveal more than asking him if Nyktos would make something like that up. But in terms of which series is faring better, I definitely think Flesh and Fire is winning readers over Blood and Ash.I could go on and on about how much I love him, but I have a character limit to respect so I will simply say that he is perfection and strawberries and chocolate and I want one just like that for Christmas please, and thank you. Seraphena has no choice but to become Nyktos’ Consort, which will provide her some protection as currently anyone can make a move against her and Nyktos would be helpless to do anything.

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