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The Sikh scripture, according to this school, was thus a collaborative effort and there was no authentic version of the pre-canonical text in Sikhism. The Guru Granth Sahib is always the focal point in any gurdwara, seated on a raised platform known as a Takht (throne), while the congregation of devotees sits on the floor and prostrate before the guru as a sign of respect. The oldest surviving manuscript version of the Adi Granth is the Guru Nanak Dev University Manuscript 1245, which has been dated to c. This triggered contesting theories about authenticity and how the canonical text of Sikhism evolved over time.

It has been a pleasure to read, and has become a very important tool at work and one of my "definite references", so it's difficult to improve something you are already very satisfied with !Another controversy has been the discovery of two blank folios in the Kartarpur manuscript (near page 703) and why the Ramakali hymn on that page is just two opening lines. Since I have got your book, I have kept it open at work on one of the displays as a reference and guidelines for my designs and whenever I extend the functionality of my software I always follow the design patterns presented in the book. This theory is weakened by variations observed in 27 manuscript variants now dated between 1642 and 1692. And then later on: “As drag queens, it’s our job to mock the hypocrisy, mediocrity, and absurdity of society. I had to wrap my head around Mama Ru’s constant refrain in this book that drag is not about assuming an identity and gender different to your own, but freeing up yourself to the innate possibility of being different.

RuPaul’s parents divorced when she was very young and the experience scarred her for years, during which she had to grow through the pain. Ram Rai tried to please the emperor by explaining that the text was miscopied and modified it, substituting "Musalman" with "Beiman" (faithless, evil) which Aurangzeb approved. When we go through the hymns and compositions of the Guru written in Sant Bhasha (saint-language), it appears that some Indian saint of 16th century. Though a catty attitude is often associated with drag queens, RuPaul intentionally displayed a "love one another" attitude to be set apart from them.I would also highly recommend these other books by RuPaul: "Lettin' it all hang out" and "Workin' it". The fifth guru, Guru Arjan, discovered that Prithi Chand – his eldest brother and a competing claimant to the Sikh guruship – had a copy of an earlier pothi ( palm-leaf manuscript) with hymns and was distributing hymns of the earlier gurus along with his own of hymns.

They are compact in spite of their length, and are a revelation of the vast reach of the human heart varying from the most noble concept of God to the recognition and indeed the insistence upon the practical needs of the human body. While there is a lot of food for thought in this generous book, what shines through ultimately is Mama Ru’s generosity of spirit and genuine love for the ‘tribe’ of otherness, her centredness as a spiritual being (who has had a lot of personal demons to wrestle with), and her sense of fun and delight in all that is quirky and pokes a big rainbow stick in the face of the establishment. The existence of Guru Harsahai manuscript attests to the early tradition of Sikh scripture, its existence in variant forms and a competition of ideas on its contents including the Mul Mantar. There is only one chapter in this book, GuRu, and a few other normal book sections, such as the introduction and acknowledgments, etc.Before diving into the patterns, we look at the design values and principles on which the patterns are built. You are going from the problem to the solution and that process give me the best understanding about pattern.

The Akali Nihang sect of Sikhs consider the Dasam Granth and the Sarbloh Granth as extensions of the Guru Granth Sahib. More particularly, we find sant bhasha, Marathi, Old Hindi, central and Lehndi Panjabi, Sgettland Persian. According to Khushwant Singh, while the manuscript was being put together, Akbar – the Mughal Emperor, received a report that the Adi Granth contained passages vilifying Islam.If you listen to RuPaul's podcast (like I do), then you've probably heard him say all the things in this book before. A rāga is composed of a series of melodic motifs, based upon a definite scale or mode of the seven svara psalmizations, [49] that provide a basic structure around which the musician performs. Just share the name of the pattern rather than wasting an hour explaining the details of your cool design and its classes to other programmers.

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