Led Strobe Light, Amber Emergency Magnetic Flashing Warning Beacon for Van Truck Vehicle with 12-80v Cigarette Lighter Plug

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Led Strobe Light, Amber Emergency Magnetic Flashing Warning Beacon for Van Truck Vehicle with 12-80v Cigarette Lighter Plug

Led Strobe Light, Amber Emergency Magnetic Flashing Warning Beacon for Van Truck Vehicle with 12-80v Cigarette Lighter Plug

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TDI 140 ps on an 09 plate, traded my TT in 2 months ago for it as the TT was getting older and didn't want any problem, so, thought VW diesal, carnt go far wrong?

You just put the clamp end on the pos battery terminal then put the other end on the end of the glow plug. Wouldn't have been rocket science for them to put a little paragraph in the handbook though Ah OK, too late! Subject to what the dealer says, and I know it's marginal re the rules, but I would take it for a 15 - 20 mile dual carriageway run keeping the revs up i.When I got home I turned engine off and fired back up to check (engine at full temperature by now) and it started fine and light didn't stay on. I have booked in to get car looked at and they assume glow plug failure, but has anyone else any advice on what it could be if not that please? It took around 20 minutes to complete the regen which is normal for my car, the bit I cannot understand is after 20 minutes of regen my saturation level is 112% is this to say then it was initially 125% ? Had the car checked out by an Audi independent and the timing belt was out and luckily no damage to engine.

We had the problem this weekend when we were on a long journey and stopped (in a lay-by) to feed the (screaming) baby. The faults stay in memory and the symbol flashes, even if there is nothing wrong, once a fault is there like that it needs to be cleared. OP said "its nice and free to be certain this wasn't the problem I disconnected the arm and fixed it so vanes in working position still had fault" and they have replaced the turbo actuator so assuming the new one is good the problem is elsewhere. which is the internal lights, if there is no power to this fuse, it causes the glowplug light to flash. There is no need to be so rude and abrupt in your reply, I'm sorry but i am quite new to the site and im not up to speed on the ways of the board.The Throttle Body / EGR feed-in unit was giving the "Check Engine" warning light (the one that looks like an orange engine side view, with a fan on the front. Does the flashing light /ticking sound always happen with the power supply always plugged in one wall socket and never in the other power socket? A boost hose could have split or popped off, you'd usually hear a hiss, whoosh or pop and again, black exhaust smoke.

Never had a problem until yesterday and engine turns over first time everytime regardless of temperature.I have to say, I won't trust it until it has been running without problems for a week or two, but it all looks good for the time being. I`ve just found something in the manual (I was looking for info on changing bulbs believe it or not) and it explains how to clear air from the system and stop the glow plug light flashing and guess what. A scan would be a better place to start, or better still a visual check to see if the brake lights are working (although it could be an intermittent problem). Had to pull over again twice to get get the car to the top of said hill, limped it home, but then had to drive 50 miles to where I was staying for work the next day, no glow plug this time, just engine warning.

Even though most FWD cars have the engine cross-ways and no mechanical fan on the front of the engine itself. OP - First off check the Ground point on the drivers side strut tower, then take a good look round the loom for chafe points, with the engine running and the light off, get some one to watch it and give the loom and the plugs the "wiggle test" - which should be self explanatory, hopefully some part of it will cause the failure.Beware not to take drain plug right off as i did this once and had to get rac chap out as air had got in and it wouldnt start good luck! Checked the saturation level and its 112% find that hard to believe after the amount of smoke that come out the exhaust today. Now recently as the weather has got hotter I find after a fast run down the motorway it sometimes comes on.

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