Hornby 00 Gauge Trains on Film Titfield Thunderbolt Steam Locomotive Train Model

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Hornby 00 Gauge Trains on Film Titfield Thunderbolt Steam Locomotive Train Model

Hornby 00 Gauge Trains on Film Titfield Thunderbolt Steam Locomotive Train Model

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It was marketed as a pack, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the film and, as already mentioned, the loco was a 14XX No.

These will be the most accurate The Titfield Thunderbolt models ever produced and are being developed with full co-operation of STUDIOCANAL, which owns the rights to this seminal railway film. Rapido publicly announced shortly after that they are making Lion and the Titfield Thunderbolt train packs (under licence from Studio Canal) for the 70th Anniversary of the film and had begun work on CAD etc.

And film and media corporations are well known for their lax attitude to protecting their copyright and intellectual property. StudioCanal owns the rights to a lot of older movies, as part of a portfolio they have steadily built up over time. There are plenty enough models that they could make, they could even make the ones promised in 2021 and 2020 catalogues, without having to copy someone else. The original production company that made the film no longer exists and Studiocanal/ inherited the assets of many British movies.

Yeah, I don't think it's a case of Hornby copying per se (lest we forget, they were the first company to produce a Titfield Thunderbolt train pack with the ex-Airfix 14xx, Lowmac and Toad). Hornby won’t let the finer detail of this get on the tv programme, they’ll demand it doesn’t as part of the filming as it would be so potentially damaging to image. Whether it's the first shot or Hornby have already been served with a cease and desist notice only Hornby and Studio Canal know. If I am wrong and it were the case that Hornby invented this range just to crush RAPIDO then that is another matter.The fact that what they've quite clearly done is take the wagon/coach and brakevan set-up from The Titfield Thunderbolt and just put "inspired by" on the box and said Lion appeared in multiple films, of which Titfield was one, just smacks of "we've started work on this model and got x far and so we're going to finish it! If you Watch Rapido trains latest video on their YouTube channel, you will see they have an exclusive contract with studio canal the rights holder of titfield thunderbolt, they have advised they will vigourously defend the copyright as they describe Hornby have yet again steamrolled their way in. it is very poor form though, and there certainly has been a ‘nasty’ side to Hornby in recent years trying to drive out smaller manufacturers. uk (powered by TrainSplit) helps support the running of the forum with every ticket purchase, and we can sell Great British Rail Sale fares! Further, they released a Youtube video in response to Hornby's announcement, in which they stated that they had an exclusive license for the production of Titfield Thunderbolt model trains from Studiocanal, the film's rightsholder, and that they and Studiocanal would enforce their IP rights.

Hornby have lost my loyalty and sympathy for the top brass antics but seeing the same in many companies I’ll vote with my wallet where there’s an alternative. And even if Hornby does decide to change their mind it would be easy and just say they are producing the Lion loco and the rest of the model moved around to say railroad. Don't miss great magazine archive content from Traction, Garden Rail, Engineering in Miniature and BRM magazines, plus bonus videos, trackplans, member-only competitions and RMweb Plus. So you don't go making products when some else has the rights, whether or not you made it in the past. Hornby announced their Lion model last year with the tagline 'The cat's out of the bag', stating that they had heard there would be a leak that they were producing Lion and they had decided to announce it early.I have based my previous comments on my belief that Hornby had been planning/developing their range after the success of ROCKET. Secondly If I was a retailer Id be doing my utmost to lessen dependence on Hornby or even do without . They've already got things such as the four- and six-wheeled coaches, which are in competition with Hattons, they've got their Terriers, which are in competition with Rails of Sheffield, and then they've got this - a set featuring what is probably the most specific and niche combination of engine and train you could ever have thought of. I agree that it's rediculous, I mean, why waste time and money on making Knockoff Lego when they could be using resources to make new thing people actually want or delivering the products they said they would! As ever, I tend at these moments to feel most sympathy for all those talented and well-meaning folk who work for the brand.

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