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We build simple but effective Filemaker databases and CRM

Get rid of that spreadsheet spaghetti with one of our bespoke Filemaker solutions.

Bespoke Filemaker soultions

We build bespoke Filemaker solutions for all of your database needs.

Let us help you get rid of that spreadsheet spaghetti and combine it all into an easy to manage, custom system, built to your specifications.

Simple Spreadsheet Solutions

Very easy to use and manage using the management tools provided. We make it simple for you to view reports and manage your data.

It has never been easier to keep up with the management of your data, whether it be managing orders, contacts, calls and more.

Enhancing Enterprises

With one of our bespoke Filemaker solutions you will improve the work flow of your employees and be able to consolidate your data into one system.

Your business will be enhanced by the new improved functionality one of our systems will provide for you.

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Smooth & Responsive

Our database designs use the latest Filemaker capabilities to provide a super responsive experience.

No more waiting for slow systems to respond. Our Filemaker systems come fully optimized for your requirements.

Our Proven Process, Produces Results



Our team of experts will listen to all requests and requirements to help us get the best idea of you expect result.



We will then plan the most effective strategy to action all of your requirements in the expected time frame.



Next we will implement database solution outlined in the planning stage.



We will then run vigorous tests to ensure the stability, compatibility and functionality are as required.



After we are happy with the results and have a stable product, we will then deliver it to you.

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