Installing a Modbo 5.0 in a Playstation 2

  • rainbow colors computer chip header

If you are happy it’s all working, then now we need to dis-assemble it again (I know right) and secure all of your wiring into place using either electrical tape or hot glue. I would recommend using a small amount of hot glue like the install example above but do not use too much as it can cause the chips to overheat if you have smothered them in too much glue.

Boot Hotkeys

There is an assortment of different boot options, if you hold down certain buttons while the system boots, the console will perform different tasks. Here is a list of the functions that I know of:

  1. Circle – Boots ModBo Chip/system into PSX DVD Video mode. This forces the PS2 to either play PS1 games or DVD movies
  2. Triangle – Forces the system to boot the Infinity Manager
  3. Cross – Forces the system to bypass settings and boot to the Sony Browser with the ModBo chip enabled.
  4. Start – This Disables the chip. Once this is done, tap the standby button to reset the system to finish disabling the Modbo chip. To Re-enable the Modbo chip you must place the system into standby
  5. Select – This forces a Fast boot on PS2 games. Basically skipping the startup animation and Playstaion 2 Logo on disc boot
  6. R1 – This boots a homebrew ELF file from the first memory card (mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF)
  7. L1 – This boots a homebrew ELF file from the hard drive if installed (hdd0:/__boot/boot.elf)
  8. To enter the Configuration Menu, hold TRIANGLE AND CIRCLE at power on


Homebrew Apps

Now that you are all up and running you will probably be wanting to look at the homebrew apps made by the community. You can download a wide range of homebrew games and apps from here for free.


Happy Gaming!



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