How to add a comment system to your blog


Today I was looking for a comment system for my own blog and came across a company by the name of Disqus who provide a free comment solution that you can integrate into your own blog, it is simple to install and easy to make fit with your own design seamlessly. I will run through some of the steps involved with getting it up and running.


Installation and setup


The installation and setup for Disqus is very simple, they provide a few step-by-step instructions on their website. I will run you through some of the steps to show you how simple it is to get going on your own blog.


Getting started is very easy, just go to and click the “Add Disqus to your site” button.After you have done that you will be prompted with a page like below.




Just fill in this form with your details and click the “Finish registration” button.


Integration into your blog


Disqus provide multiple ways for you to integrate their comment system into your own blog, whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or many more common services. They also provide a universal code for you to use on any other services that they don’t specifically mention.




Universal code


If you are not using any of the blogging services listed in the picture above on the “Setup” stage of the installation, then you can use the “Universal code” option, this option will give you the HTML code you need to add it to your own personal website.


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